About Us.

Kayko The DogKaykos Dog Shades is a unique line of dog sunglasses inspired by our family dog “Kayko.” She inspired the idea of dog sunglasses while out hiking with my brother one summer in 2016. Noticing how much she squinted when the sun hit her eyes, my brother tied a bungee cord to an old pair of sunglasses and gave them to her. Kayko was a blue nose pitbull and had to live with the stereotypes associated with her breed. While walking with her sunglasses on that day, my brother noticed how differently people reacted to her presence. Their behavior went from fleeing and nervous to welcoming and joyful. So when he got back home, he decided to pitch the concept to me. I was studying industrial design at the time and he knew I had a dream of creating a product to bring to market that people would enjoy. We created a few samples to give out to friends with pitbulls and the same positive results were achieved. In the meantime, Kayko’s popularity in our neighborhood grew and the demand for dog shades like hers began to grow too. Since that day, we’ve taken the information we gathered from studying the shape of Kayko’s head and those of other family dogs to create the most comfortable and stylish, U.V protecting dog sunglasses on the market. For any outdoor adventure with your dog, look for Kaykos Dog Shades to provide your dog with the UV care they need. For any dog selfie or action shot, look for Kaykos Dog Shades to provide the perfect stylish sunglass frame to make your photos truly stand out.

Kaykos Dog Shades is named after our beloved pit bull Kayko, who sadly passed away in August of this year 2020. She brought nothing but love, smiles and a sense of protection to us from the moment my brother rescued her. For that reason, we are proud to know that the line of dog sunglasses she inspired is now doing the same for others; providing U.V protection to your dogs and smiles to anyone who comes in contact with a dog wearing her line of dog sunglasses. Kaykos Dog Shades is family owned and was created in San Jose CA, in 2016. The only dog product with a “Smile back Guarantee.”